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What format are the images in?

All photos and scanned illustrations are in high resolution JPG format. Vectors are in EPS format.


Do you add photos on a regular basis?

Yes, we have a large selection of files in our archive, preparing images and uploading daily. If you want to see more images of a paricular interest, please drop us a line or simply use our contact form.

Will my membership be active immediately?

You will be sent a confirmation email almost immediately after you sign up with a link to confirm your registration and activate your account. When you click on the confirmation link, your account will be activated.   


What is the Lightbox?

Your Lightbox is used to store a group of products that you may like to eventually download. You can place products into the Lightbox and then later download the products. You are not obligated to download products in the Lightbox.


How do I place products in the Lightbox?

When you are logged in, as you are viewing products there is a link to the right side of the product to add the product to your lightbox. Product will remain in your Lightbox until you remove them.


Will Indigostock share my information?

We will never share Your information with anyone. Indigostock will not share your details with any third parties.


What do I do if I have download problems?

If you experience download problems, please contact us with the file number and we’ll email the file to you.


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